Sunday, May 27, 2007

Something about the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing

So, I'm reading the NY Post this AM and the big front page story is about celebrity moron Lindsay Lohan, whose lack of any discernible brain function suggests she's a charter member of the Hollywood Legion of the Undead. Seems , last night, after one of her regular bout of boorish behavior, she drove off in her car, crashed, left the scene, and police later found cocaine in her vehicle. This all happened in Beverly Hills, CA, and environs. (Justice is slow in laid back L. A. so she probably want end up in the same jail cell as her idiot companion/rival Paris Hilton.)

Despite the screaming front page headline, in a separate story in the same edition of the NY Post, the gossip column (which is called Page Six but which never runs on page six) says that said Lindsay Lohan was just spotted (apparently about the same time as she was involved in the Beverly Hills run-up to her vehicle mishaps) in New York's Greenwich Village hanging out at some night club with a DJ, whose name escapes me but will no doubt be well-known among the aesthetically challenged.

Sounds like a solid alibi to me. My cousin Vinnie should be able to handle it.


Jim said...

Lohan et al aren't worth the time it takes to type their names. They are simply ridiculous publicity whores and if they dropped off the face of the earth the planet would be none the worse. In fact it would doubtless improve.

Chris Weimer said...

I can't say I always agree with Jim - he and I have been known to disagree (though not to the extant as the other Chris - but here I fully agree - the planet would improve!

Chris Weimer

Gary Greenberg said...

Will this be my most popular post yet. Stay tooned. Guys, you did get that I was making fun of celebrity publicty for deeds that never happened, and I threw in an in-joke about the movie "My Cousin Vinnie"? (Note to self: The Biblical Studies Carnival is coming up in a couple of days. Maybe I should nominate this post.)