Tuesday, August 21, 2007

End game

After considerable reflection I have decided to terminate this blog. My main literary interest is writing books or preparing long think pieces that explore new perspectives or insights into historical issues or biblical analysis. Such a process is slow and not interactive. Blogging is not a good medium for such activity. Good biblioblogging requires lots of short fillers, some news, occasional scholarship, lots of gossip and banter, and huge amounts of time and energy. I have nothing against that per se, and I read several other biblioblogs for that kind of entertainment. But it is not what I enjoy doing.

I still hope to do some essay-length articles from time to time, but I will post them on my website, www.biblemyth.com . If and when I do such articles, I might put a notice here, but that is about all I plan to add to this site for now.

Thanks to all those who dropped by from time to time. Hope you got something out of it.

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Brad Hart said...

That's too bad that you are ending the blog. I love it!