Saturday, June 9, 2007

The Writing Life: The Judas Brief Barnes and Noble Glitch

The Judas Brief can now be pre-ordered at Barnes and Noble but Barnes and Noble has a link to a Table of Contents that is not the current Table of Contents. There is a link in my sidebar to the correct Table of Contents.

Somehow, an early version of a proposed Table of Contents in the book proposal solicitation stage, before I had a contract to do the book, has been submitted to BN and it is that proposed Table of Contents that has been listed. I've notified my publisher to correct this situation and hopefully it will be taken care of shortly. However, do not assume that all the subject matter covered in the erroneous Table of Contents appears in the published version of The Judas Brief. When I finally negotiated the deal with Continuum, they insisted I reduce the size of the proposed manuscript by about half.

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