Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Lunch with The Infidel

Well, me and about 400 others. I spent the afternoon today at a luncheon in NY run by the Cato Institute, and the guest of honor was Ayaan Hirsi Ali, the young Somalian who escaped from an arranged marriage by fleeing to the Nehterlands and taking up the cause of liberating Muslim women from tyranny. She spoke about the problems and pressures young Moslem women face with arranged marriages, and how many westernized Muslim women facing arranged marriages have to get doctors to perform an operation to restore physical virginity so that on thw wedding night there will be blood on the sheet. The lack of blood can result in a major social crisis not only for the woman, but for her family.

While in Holland she managed to get elected to the Dutch parliament. She worked with Dutch film maker Theo van Gogh on Submission, which led one of Islam's nazi psychotics to assassinate van Gogh. Her book, Infidel, has been on the NY Times best-seller list for the last 10 weeks.

Also speaking at the event was Sen. John Sunnunu, who argued that we should not only ask politicians what they are for, but also, what do they actually believe.

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