Sunday, May 20, 2007

Have I mentioned how much Windows Vista sucks?

Windows Vista continues to plague me. One horrendous problem that drives me nuts is how long some simple file manipulations take. In saving very short files wirelessly from my laptop computer to my desktop computer, I have to wait more than a minute for the Save to complete. This is disastrous for someone who wants to frequently save the file and has to continuously stop writing because the the program won't function while the Save is in progress. Lost trains of thought and lots of wasted time. Lest you think this is just caused by saving over a network, I should note that loading the same file from my desktop computer to the laptop is almost instantaneous, as it should be. I also had a similar wait when I transferred a file from the laptop's desktop screen to another folder on the same computer, a file containing about one or two words. Many programs frequently freeze up for short periods of time, sometimes displaying a "not responding" message and then a moment or two later working as it should.

The other day, for what reason I can't imagine, each computer suddenly lost the ability to access the other computer's "administrative user" Documents folder, and I spent several hours over a couple of days before I could figure out how to get things back the way they were. I'm still not sure why what I did worked but it involved experimenting with changing lots of settings in the networking setup. In the course of working on the fixes, the System Restore command showed that in the period just before this catastrophe struck there were three Windows updates automatically downloaded into my system. Whether that cause my settings to change I don't know.

BTW, I bought HP computers, which company brags about there free customer support. When I called about networking problems on an earlier occasion (after installing Vista) I was told that the free support didn't apply to networking problems and I had to pay a fee to access networking help.

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MhacLethCalvin said...

Hello Sir,
I stumbled upon your blog and I just had a feast reading your posts when I came across this entry. :-) Just to let you know that you're not alone in this struggle with Vista.
Thanks for the wonderful posts!