Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Josephus study source

The first century Jewish historian Josephus is one of our most significant sources for the history of Roman Israel in the century before and after Jesus. He's also a fount of information on other sources for the study of ancient history, frequently citing other writers and quoting from many lost ancient works. This site, under the guidance of Josephus scholar Steve Mason, can help you explore Josephus' works and get to know him better,

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Anonymous said...

Hi my name is Daniel Dembinsky. I am a qoute "orthodox jew living in brooklyn" for many years i have had problems with my faith and iI had many questions that could'nt be answered from philosophical to scientific to historical. Despite all of these conflicts i hung on to my faith with barely a thread. After reaing the 101 myths of the bible I decided enough is enough. I would like to publish a book about why an ultra orthodox jew like me went from beleiver to non beleiver. I was wondering If there would be anybody willing to help me expose the truth about my x faith